HTML email and Mailing lists

HTML email and Mailing lists

Keeping in constant contact will your customers can be a real challenge. When you launch a new special offer, or have news about your business, letting people know is of the most importance.

reaching customers with html email

Having an email mailing list and keeping in contacting your customers is an great method of direct marketing that is measurable and cost effective.

How HTML email works

Whatever content you want, can be included in an HTML email that will be sent out to every person on the mailing list. The email will include graphics that will have an impact on the recepient when they open the email. They can then click to visit your website where they will immediately be sent to the news or offers section of your website to see the latest and most relevant information.

See the results of email marketing

With the statistics feature of your website. You will be able to see the difference that the sending out of regular emails makes to your website traffic. You should recieve more hits as people click through the email and onto your website to find out more about your offers, specials and news.

Managing the mailing list

We can manage your mailing list so that you don’t have to do a thing. just supply us with the information and we can do the rest. You can also request access to the system so that you can update the mailing list yourself.

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