5 things every good website should have

5 things every good website should have

There are may features your website can have. Adding value to your website is all important if you want your website to stand out against the competition.

Website usage statistics

Every website should provide some form of statistics for later analysis. If people are visiting your website, you need to know lots of details about their visit to make the most of your website marketing activity. Who are they? How did they find you? How long did they stay on your site for and what did they look at? Just a few questions that Kalista Design can help you answer.

Clear Contact details

Often overlooked, contact details are of utmost importance if you are expecting potential customers to turn into actual customers. Relevant phone numbers and email addresses should be clearly listed and easily found. Contact forms can also work well if used properly. Customers might not want to telephone you if they have a quick query. A contact form is a non-intrusive method of your customers getting in contact with you.

Great website content

Websites thrive on quality content. Not only does fresh and relevant content increase the chances of good search engine performance, but it also keeps customers interested and turns website visitors into repeat visitors. Articles, opinion, special offers, news and photos of recent events can all be sources of captivating content for your website.

relevant photography

Nothing communicates like a good photograph. Affordable and effective, quality photography can enhance a users experience of your website to no end. Relevant photography adds interest and causes comment. When people want to show their friends a photograph on your website, providing the means to link directly to your site can help to increase the flow of traffic.


In stengthening your brand and standing out against the competition, favicons can help in a subtle but important way. The more a vistor becomes familiar with your logo and colours, the better. Don’t know what a favicon is? Read more about favicons here.

Summary: Kalista design can design and build you a great website with a host of features essential to any great website.

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