Favicons and their use in Web design

Use of Favicons in Web design

You may have heard the term "favicon" but don’t know what it refers to.

What is a favicon?

A favicon is a small image that appears in the address bar of most web browsers amongst other places such as bookmark lists and on the tabs that are used when viewing multiple sites at once.

favicon example

Favicons as standard

At Kalista design, we make sure that all of our websites have a favicon (as well as a host of other standard features). Although a minor part of a website, we believe it is attention to detail that marks a great website out from a good website.

favicons in a web browser

Standing out against the competition

Although Kalista design produce websites that stand out from the crowd, favicons have their role to play. The above image shows how favicons can help to make your website more noticeable than those websites that don’t have them. The above is an example of tabbed browsing. The principle is the same when it comes to your site being bookmarked or read in alternate devices.

Strengthening your brand

The frequency with which a person sees your logo, or company colour scheme, can play an important part of brand recognition. Favicons allow your logo to be seen multiple times in a non-intrusive fashion.

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